Yes. I’m about that.

I did a replacement for my spanish teacher last week and she just gave me a chocolate carrot as a thank you! Life is good.



Thank you, stranger.

Someone left some candy at the community room.


Someone was just being nice, or some loser forgot their candy and is now bitterly looking for it.
Either way, thank you random person!

Puzzle billboard

A few weeks back the CA of my residence hall hosted a “painting” night where one could go paint on puzzle pieces, you know, because we are part of this hall, and here they are!


Here are the ones I made.




There were all sorts of paint, glitter, cookies and kool-aid.
I had a blast.

Campus pictures!

Here are a few pictures of the indoors of some places. I will definitely post more pictures later on.


Inside H. L. Griffin

Inside H. L. Griffin

I thought this kind of chairs only existed in the movies

I thought this kind of chairs only existed in the movies


Story time: since the tables are attached to the chairs, they are significantly smaller (in comparison to french tables); so I had to downsize my pencil case. I had never had that problem ever, and since my regular pencil case is too big I have to use my recorder’s cover (or else I won’t be able to fit anything else on the table)


Also, that cover is 8 years old. yeah.



the cafeteria

Cafeteria + vanilla and banana pudding

Ill post pictures of the actual buildings later.

I promise.

I’m becoming a social being!

I have finally established significant relationships with new amazing individuals I MADE NEW FRIENDS!! (so naturally, I felt compelled to share that here, because it’s such a cool wonderful thing.)

And one of them has the coolest record player I’ve seen in this life.



That’s it. That’s all I had to say.