First Impressions

Please keep in mind that the first impressions I have are only bits of a bigger picture that I’m not yet able to see because I haven’t been here for that long. With that being said, here is a list that I will probably keep updating.

  • People are nice –  and I think it is because they’re genuinely happy.

As somebody who has been living in France for 5 years now, I’m used to a different kind of happy, so it took me by surprise when people were just nice to me for no reason at all. When I first got to Atlanta, the people in the airport were so nice to me (you know, saying hello and smiling) that I thought I had something on my face.

Then, after a few days of observation I realized that it goes deeper. People aren’t just happy because they are. Or, they are, but there are more than one reasons. Life seems to be very different around here, starting with what you see through your window (which brings me to the next point)

  • The landscapes are very different, and there is a lottt of oak trees.

I’m used to what you could see through a window on a 4th floor on campus. So other tall buildings, buses, cars, people, etc. So imagine my surprise when I see this kind of landscapes.


Oh, and inspirational quotes here and there. (Seriously. I feel like my life is a movie. )

Oh thank you! I really am.

Oh thank you! I really am.

  • Everything is BIG

From glasses to cars, everything is big (and I feel like an 8-year-old most of the time because I need both hands to hold stuff)

Huge glass

Huge glass

Huge truck

Huge truck

Huge burrito

Huge burrito

  • Labels. Just labels

I thought this kind of thing only happened on the internet.






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