Highlights of the week

Since I’m still adjusting to things and classes, I don’t have much to tell, so instead of making a super short post everyday I thought I could just wait a little bit and show/tell you all the interestingish things that happened to me or I saw instead. Tell me what you think.

I went to the park some days ago and decided to stay there for a while, but unfortunately put my backpack on what seems to be dog pee, so, naturally, went home and cleaned that up. I popped one of those detergent pillow-y things that you put in the washing machine and used a toothbrush. I noticed the mixture of the pillow’s contents that I put on a tiny dish looked wicked, so I started taking pictures with filters of that. Now I know where hipster pictures are born.

detergent on a plate

detergent on a plate

pretty detergent on a plate (+ filter)

pretty detergent on a plate (+ filter)

Roommate update: she exists and is very real. She has a name and a face and everything, and will be maybe featured later, once we talk more and it’s not awkward for me to ask her to show her face to a very tiny community that cares about my daily shenanigans through a series of tubes.

There was a Study Abroad stand with croissants at the Student Union, and everybody was very excited about them and saying they were great, so I went and took one. They were decent, they lacked some butter.

No, they were actually good, I just miss La Mie Câline too much.


I also saw this cool car parked down the road. It made me think of Endara Crow‘s paintings (one of my favourites!)


Went shopping for art supplies, will post pictures of what gets made with it. Maybe.


I also saw a pelican at school (????????)

hello tiny friend come make weird noises so people believe me

hello tiny friend come make weird noises so people believe me

And that’s all that happened this week. My classes started moving forward so hopefully there will be some actual content related to the culture of this place (and not only pictures of animals) on this blog. I also realized that I haven’t posted anything about the campus and how it looks. Will get on that shortly.

Until then,




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