Campus pictures!

Here are a few pictures of the indoors of some places. I will definitely post more pictures later on.


Inside H. L. Griffin

Inside H. L. Griffin

I thought this kind of chairs only existed in the movies

I thought this kind of chairs only existed in the movies


Story time: since the tables are attached to the chairs, they are significantly smaller (in comparison to french tables); so I had to downsize my pencil case. I had never had that problem ever, and since my regular pencil case is too big I have to use my recorder’s cover (or else I won’t be able to fit anything else on the table)


Also, that cover is 8 years old. yeah.



the cafeteria

Cafeteria + vanilla and banana pudding

Ill post pictures of the actual buildings later.

I promise.


Ladies and gentlemen, please meet my roommate.


  • She’s very nice
  • She lets me do all sorts of things and never complains
  • Her name might as well be Gasper, because she is a ghost
  • She doesn’t exist

I moved in six days ago and I still haven’t met my roommate because she hasn’t been home (yet???) but her stuff is here.

(should I worry?)